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14 June 2018

Local authorities’ embrace Pentana Performance to manage strategic goals and risks

By Fraser Doig

As dedicated servants to the public, local government organisations have an obligation to ensure that they are consistently performing at the highest level. Their duty to act in the best interests of their constituents means that performance management and risk mitigation is at the forefront of everything that they do. Because of this, a huge number of local councils and authorities use performance and risk management software to help monitor performance and control potential issues. However, this is not the only reason why so many councils invest in this type of software. To ensure transparency and high quality in governance, many councils must adhere to statutory requirements to publish performance information as well as meet defined performance goals. Now more than ever, government is under continual and fastidious scrutiny and it is imperative that they are seen to be consistently hitting their targets. Today’s media are extremely unforgiving when it comes to government mishaps and broken promises – a single mistake could destroy an organisation’s credibility in one fell swoop. Consequently, there is a crucial need for local councils to be able to identify, assess, manage and review risks efficiently and effectively.

Ideagen have 100 customers in local government who all use Pentana Performance to strengthen their performance management framework and overcome the challenges of implementing a successful service delivery strategy. Pentana’s enterprise-grade architecture is an ideal fit for councils that have responsibility over several entities, activities and functions, because it allows them to seamlessly link governance, risk and compliance processes with real time management information. This is crucial for organisations such as this, as it means they can focus on emerging threats and provide greater assurance in the delivery of strategic goals. Here are just a few of the ways in which Pentana Performance has helped local councils achieve their objectives:


Harrogate Borough Council managed to transform the way they monitor and report on performance after rolling out Pentana Performance to their 1,500-strong organisation. In a six-month period, they managed to go from an organisation with “no measured way of being able to compare data in a meaningful and consistent format”, to one that’s PI reports have become invaluable to board members and senior management – reports that are in fact so strong that they are published directly on the council website.


Nottingham City Council required a solution that allowed them to monitor certain areas to drive improvement. One area identified was monitoring feedback to the council in line with their key manifesto pledge to ‘make Nottingham the most citizen friendly council in the country and ensure that when surveyed 95% of people are satisfied with the way they were treated’. This simply wasn’t achievable with their previous method of sieving through a generic inbox and manually distributing feedback – it was inefficient, inconsistent and slow. After implementing Pentana Performance, Nottingham City Council were able to monitor both performance and citizen satisfaction simultaneously. Feedback data is now taken directly from the council website contact form into their feedback system, ensuring consistency and improving data quality. Moreover, around 80% of all complaints to the council are now resolved directly by front line staff.


City of Orlando use Pentana Performance to manage over 1,150 performance measures across multiple city departments, including Economic Development, Transportation, Fire, Police and Public Works. A crucial requirement for them was that their solution must “allow managers and supervisors, at all organisational levels, to monitor and control their work processes”, as well as “integrate the internal data reporting systems with the Performance Management (PM) system.” With Pentana Performance, these goals are realised, as each department uses the software for their own individual needs, and each user has a folder where they can access personalised reports for their areas of responsibility.

Scottish Borders Council needed a software solution to manage their continuous risk assessment framework and support the delivery of service business plans. After implementing Pentana Performance, SBC experienced significant time savings, greater visibility of risks and audit recommendations, and tangible improvements in control and governance. 

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